When to hire a freelancer


There are many reasons why businesses source freelancers and here we outline some of them. Read on for more information and to learn why it might be beneficial to hire a freelancer for your business.

When there are budget restrictions

When staff budget restrictions are in place the appointment of a full-time team member can be impossible. If assistance is required, hiring a freelancer can be a lucrative solution for many businesses.

When you are unable to hire permanent

It’s a large commitment to recruit a full time, permanent member of staff . With stringent employment regulations, hiring can be a lengthy process and it can be difficult to let staff go, even if their role is no longer being fulfilled. When a freelancer has finished the job they are hired to do there is no further commitment to them.

When you need an expert

Freelancers specialise in specific areas day-in and day-out. Their experience is well-honed, often over many years, resulting in levels of expertise in their field. Hiring a freelancer helps to ensure a job is completed accurately.

When there is a sudden increase in work load

When work loads are suddenly increased without warning, and a team needs more hands-on-deck, the appointment of a freelancer can help to keep neglected areas of a business moving.

When there are unexpected staff losses

If a member of your team unexpectedly leaves, and there is an immediate requirement to fill their role, a freelancer can help to bridge the gap.

When there is an internal lack of required skills

If there is an internal lack of the skills required to complete a specific job it can be simple to find a freelancer with the skills you require.

When there are holidays, sickness or long-term leave

What can you do if there is a sabbatical, secondment or long-term sickness within your team? Whenever you need cover for employees a freelancer can step-in as temporary solution.

When agency costs are too high

With office over-heads, agency costs are often usually higher than those of a freelancer. If one person can do the job, hiring a freelancer is a good way forward.

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