Construction Corporate Literature

We recently wrote multiple content pieces for a Construction business. The company had a variety of requirements including a careers brochure, case study and blog articles. The tone and brief were corporate and detailed. 




“We aim to provide all employees, at every level, with the essential tools and skills they need to carry out their role, together with the encouragement and support to develop personally and professionally within (Company). 


To create long term sustainability for our Company, we are committed to developing our people.  We do this through our Learning and Development Framework, which caters for all learning styles and includes on-the-job training, coaching, mentoring, on-line learning modules, practical workshops, as well as accredited training courses and the opportunity to gain professional qualifications.  


Our Learning and Development strategy aims to support a process of continuous learning to enable employees to reach their maximum potential in addition to enabling us to compete in today’s fast paced environment. Regular reviews and ongoing feedback will ensure your learning and development is aligned to that of our employees personal needs as well as those of the business and helps us to achieve our goal of sustainability and succession from within the business. These regular reviews also help employees see how their individual efforts and contributions help in the overall success of the business.”

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