6 habits to strengthen your digital marketing


The following tips are designed to strengthen your digital marketing, if regularly incorporated into your work these habits will help to keep you on track in the online space.

1. Collect content

Make it an almost daily duty to add to a bank of content that can be used if ever there is a shortage of material to post and share. Become a hoarder of images, links, articles and videos that are relevant to your audience and even if they never get used then at least you can look at them for inspiration.

2. What’s Trending

All of the main social media channels offer insight on what topics or #’s are popular or currently trending. Frequently look at these and try to find a way that your marketing content and posts can affiliate and get on-board with these trends. At the least you’ll become more aware of what types of posts resonate with online communities and at most you’ll benefit from the popularity of the trending topic and see increases in engagement.

it is always a good habit to check how the competitors are doing online

3. Read Industry news

Build time into your schedule to read industry and sector news articles. This will help to keep you informed of any developments, happenings or things you need to be aware of and can also be a source of inspiration for marketing activities. Following or subscribing to reputable news sources through social media is a good way to get access to news. If you’re time limited then commit to weekly reading and consider it as research. After all, knowledge is power so keep reading.  

4. Do Competitor Analysis

Daily, weekly, monthly or ad hoc depending on how active your competitors are online but it is always a good habit to check how the competitors are doing. You share a customer base and what has worked, or failed, for the competition might do the same for you.

5. Join Webinars

There are many webinars taking place at any one time regarding a variety of topics, developments and tuition. Joining a webinar can be easier and more time effective than attending a seminar or training session and they are a great way to connect with your peers, share ideas and learn.

6. Put down the tech!

So this point goes against the previous 5, but with seriousness, because in order to have a full 360 vision of the digital marketing landscape it is important to switch off from all of the online noise at times. Looking at printed materials and visual displays, attending events and talking to people are all useful, informative and can help inspire.

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