Content writing, the struggle is real: 6 problems faced by in-house writers


Most marketing teams have regular content writing requirements but it can be challenging to meet these needs as there are a number of problems that in-house writers face when creating content:

1. Distractions

Distractions like calls, DM’s and enquiries are a given at work but with copy writing this can break the flow of the writer and take them off track. If distractions are highly probable in a work environment, the time it takes to complete a piece of content can quickly escalate.

2. Noise

Content writing can take much concentration and consideration. Noisy environments can make it difficult to focus and pay-attention and so quality of writing output is compromised.

3. Time constraints

If there is an urgent need to turn out content, to a good standard, it usually means that workload priorities change. Shifting priorities and immediate requirements can compromise quality of content and may lead to the publishing of mistakes or typo’s.

4. SEO

SEO can be confusing at the best of times but when it comes to copy and content writing it can cloud a writers vision. Copywriters can become fixated on SEO key words and best practices to the point where they lose clarity or relevance of a piece of work.

5. Mixed priorities

Everyone is busy and has high workloads but having too many mixed priorities it can lead to chaotic working habits. When there are other priorities, its often time consuming tasks like content writing that end-up on the back-burner.

6. Space

To create great content and copy takes resource. Many writers will need space to concentrate while they write, but at times this can be isolating from teams and departments and can results in missed communications and depleted resources.

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