10 Eco Friendly Promo Items for Business

Sustainability is at the forefront of many marketing campaigns. Big players like fast-food companies and supermarkets are shouting about their reduction of plastic packaging, travel companies are offering emissions calculators, and small businesses are promoting recycling – in the 2020’s it’s a no-brainer to highlight your businesses eco-credentials!

With this in mind I wanted to share some novel and inventive, eco-friendly alternatives to traditional marketing promotional items. It’s time to move away from dated and cheap plastic pens and key-rings, to put emphasis on your brand in more exciting, progressive and green ways!

Read on for a list of some innovative and sustainable, eco promo items for business.


1. Water bottle coolers

Each day more than 100 million plastic water bottles are used worldwide! Promote sustainability and hydration to your clients with branded, glass or metal water coolers. Make your logo clearly visible and use your clients names and tailored messages for a personal touch.



2. Metal drinking straws

Single-use plastic straws were recently made illegal in the UK, but their paper replacements are not proving too popular. Publicise your company on durable metal drinking straws for a memorable promo item that is valuable and useable.


3. Portable pocket ash-trays

Encourage less smoking litter with branded portable pocket ash-trays. They can be used for business exposure, whilst reducing the number of cigarette ends disposed of on the ground. Perfect for bars, nightclubs, festivals and outdoor events!



4. Reusable coffee cups

2.5 billion coffee cups are thrown away each year in the UK. There is a wide range of handy, promotional coffee cups available that can provide great advertising for your brand when they are used, carried and stored all around!


5. Recyclable tote bags

With the 10p plastic bag levy charge in the UK, and similar initiatives around the world, many people are turning to durable, reusable shopping bags. A branded, recyclable tote bag is a great way to expose your business in stores and on the streets.



6.  Desktop Garden kits

These fun desktop garden kits can add some greenery and positivity to your clients environments. Displaying your logo here will help to keep your company visible in the office in an amusing and memorable way.



7.  Seed packets

Broadcast your brand on promotional seed packets to give an unforgettable promo gift that could have a positive impact on the environment. Your clients will think of you as their flowers grow and your seeds will be helping wildlife like bees!



8.  Bamboo ballpoint pens

Bamboo is a highly sustainable material and with a bamboo ballpoint pen you can flaunt your business whilst helping to reduce plastic waste. Everyday and portable items like these can garner attention in boardrooms and offices around the world!



9. Slate coasters

Show off your company logo with a slate coaster. Hard-wearing and heat-protecting they not only look stylish but will evoke feelings of nature and the outdoors, helping your brand stand-out with a sustainable plastic alternative.



10. Sustainable lunch box

Have your logo paraded in canteens and lunch rooms with these beautiful stainless steel and bamboo, sustainable lunch box kits. Practical, usable and portable – these promo gifts will help keep to your business in mind even when your clients are taking a break.


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