Sun down, sound up! 10 of the World’s Wildest Parties


With the easing of Covid-19 restrictions and returns to normality it seems that 2022 could be the year when large events start again. Concerts, sports and festivals are carefully making their return. With protective measures it seems that soon the world will be enjoying mass-gatherings and good times.

Recent improvements have got me thinking about some of my favourite raves, night clubs and festivals of the past, and looking forward to some post-pandemic party. But what makes a good party? Of course its the music and people but I also like cool venues, special effects and a good atmosphere.

Sun down, sound up! 10 of the World’s Wildest Parties is about some of the biggest parties I have been to and their events that will return in 2022! Put your hands up in the air and celebrate these 10 World-Wild Parties!


The Secret Garden Party – Cambridgeshire, UK

The Secret Garden Party (SGP) is an arts and musical festival that began in 2004. Located in Abbots Ripton near Huntingdon in England, the festival became widely popular for its eco approaches, upcoming artists and surprise DJ sets. The festival takes place over 3 nights and is the most crazy, mind-bending and unforgettable festival that I’ve been to. The variety of music and artists is incredible, with everything from electro to folk-rock, hip-hop to left-field. The party is unique in its attention to detail, appearance, decoration and entertainment. SGP offers hidden parties, lakeside activities, aerial spectacles, mud-wrestling and paint fights. The festival has to be seen to be believed. After a hiatus to allow the brand and land to rejuvenate SGP returns in 2022.


Amnesia – Ibiza, Spain

Amnesia is a nightclub venue in San Rafael on the island of Ibiza, Spain. Amnesia first opened in 1976 and has since cemented itself as one of the most famous nightclubs in the world. Amnesia has 2 main areas; the main room and the terrace. The club holds a capacity of 5,000 people. The ‘Best Global Club’ winner hosts different nights including their famous opening and closing parties, and Together and Elrow events. I went to the Together night and a closing party and the club is incredible. If you are looking for the ultimate Ibiza club experience with lasers, dancers, dry-ice and confetti bombs, Amnesia is the place to go. Be prepared for wild antics and expensive drinks. They also launched an Amnesia Worldwide series and take their Ibiza party to City’s around the world.


Detonate – Nottinghamshire, UK

Detonate began 20 years ago in a small basement nightclub in Nottingham, UK. Detonate has become a music brand synonymous with full-throttle, drum & bass music. They hold a mixture of events from regular all-nighters to live specials and festivals, showcasing the best DJ’s and global talent in drum & bass. I know Detonate events and can vouch that their parties are wild and exhilarating with good vibes. I’ve been upfront to some famous drum & bass DJ’s at Detonate, witnessed inspiring sets and had unforgettable nights. 2021 saw the return of the Detonate Festival, and tickets for the 2022 event are on sale.


Full Moon Party – Koh Pha-Ngan, Thailand

Thailand is known for its Full Moon Parties in Hat Rin on the island of Koh Pha-Ngan. During the monthly full-moon, over 3 days, between 10,000 and 30,000 people descend on to the beach at Hat Rin. Visitors will find over 12 powerful sound systems on the 800-metre stretch of sandy beach. Tunes from the genres of drum & bass, electro, trance, dance, pop, rock and reggae. There is a general carnival vibe at Full Moon Parties with; fire dancing, neon body paints, glow sticks, laser lights and whisky-buckets. The party tends to start after sunset at 9pm and goes through the night. I remember my experience well –  dancing for hours on a podium, neon body-painted lizard on my back and watching the sunrise from the shore. If you’re an adventurous traveller the alternative Black Moon Party at Lonely Beach on Koh Chang island is worth checking out too.


The Warehouse Project – Manchester, UK

The Warehouse Project began in 2006 and is a series of electro and dance club nights. The projects take place seasonally and were originally held in locations like an empty brewery and a disused bomb shelter. In recent years the events have been held at the Victoria Warehouse and Mayfield Depot in central Manchester. The events have won accolades on the club scene and have hosted internationally acclaimed DJs. Their nights are all about big names, great venues and lively crowds. I like the Warehouse Project because of their underground, old-school-rave vibes with loud bass and strobe lights. The Warehouse Project is back in action in 2021 with events already taking place.


El Santo Perdido – La Antigua, Guatemala

El Santo Perdido is an electro after-party. The event normally take place each month in a location near Ciudad Vieja, Antigua Guatemala. Here the night begins after mid-night, where a mix of DJ’s entertain through to sunrise. Revellers witness the DJ sets from inside the foundations of an empty, one-time swimming pool. Santo Perdido is one of the most famous electro nights in Guatemala. The organisers hold other events in Guatemala City and Lake Atitlan. My best memory of Santo Perdido was at New Year, where we raved until dawn and saw an epic sunrise over the nearby volcanoes. Some times shuttle buses provide transport between the site and the centre of Antigua. Santo Perdido events are already back with more planned in 2022.


Creamfields – Chesire, UK

Creamfields is a dance music festival in Chesire, UK and is held every August. The festival is one of the UK’s oldest dance festivals and takes place over 3 days. Their most recent event in August 2019 attracted 280,000 visitors. Creamfields has won several awards over the years including Best Major Festival, Best Dance Event and Best Large Festival. Impressive stages, carnival feels, huge marquees, rides and other entertainment characterise Creamfields. They have big name DJ’s and main-stage headliners. Creamfields was my first ever festival experience and did not disappoint. Their sound is off the scale and with all of their other attractions, Creamfields is in a league of its own.


Ushuaïa Beach Hotel – Ibiza, Spain

The Ushuaïa brand was launched in 2011 and their Ibiza location in Platja d’en Bossa consists of The Ushuaïa Beach Hotel and the Ushuaïa Tower Hotel. The Ushuaïa Beach Hotel’s club has consistently been ranked as one of the best globally and has a capacity of 4,000. The club has a modern and exclusive feel, with famous parties and resident DJ’s in an open-air setting. The most popular events are their daytime parties. The club is situated under the flight path of low-flying, incoming planes that regularly soar above the venue. I liked the VIP clubbing vibe of Ushuaïa and their sets go-off with fireworks and pyrotechnics. I was at their ‘ANTS’ party where Ushuaïa is transformed into an immersive science fiction playground sound-tracked by big names in edgy house and techno.


Fabric – London, UK

Fabric is a nightclub in Farringdon, London. The club first opened in 1999 and ever since has regularly appeared on lists of the world’s best nightclubs. The club is known for playing a variety of electro and bass music including drum & bass, dubstep, bassline, techno and house. Fabric has three rooms, each with their own independent sound system. Two of the rooms feature stages for live acts and a massive draw to the club is the vibrating ‘bodysonic’ dance floor in Room One. The interior is stylish with laser lighting and recently had a refurbishment. The clubs ‘Fabric Live’ events are world-renowned and were my best experiences at the club. Fabric Live usually takes place on a Friday, with headline DJ’s and passionate crowds.


BCM Planet Dance – Majorca, Spain

BCM Planet Dance is the largest club in Mallorca, Spain. The award-winning multi-floor club has a capacity of 7,000 people and includes world-famous DJs in its regular line-ups. The club is located on Avenida S’Olivera in Magaluf and is usually open from May to October. BCM recently had a slick renovation and is enhanced by new illumination and world-class sound-systems. Guests can expect to see spectacular dancers, extravagant themed parties and free gifts with admission. I’ve had several experiences of BCM and it’s a fun super-club. Awesome sets, dance podiums, foam parties and special effects – BCM lives up to its name as the Planet of Dance.

That was my list of some of the Worlds Wildest Parties. It’s not always about big, extravagant parties. Some of the best party nights are with small groups in simple settings. As we hopefully begin to reach the end of the pandemic it’s fun to think of future possibilities, and the events that will return. I’m hoping that in the roaring 2020’s we will enjoy music, party with friends and make lasting memories again. Would you go to any of these World’s Wildest Parties? Share below


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