The Classic Gift Guide for Him: 20+ Ideas for Christmas


With the festive season in full-swing, time is ticking to get all the presents bought and wrapped. For some last minute inspiration I’ve put together a gift guide for men.

I’ve heard talk about the difficulties of buying gifts for guys and can understand. If you’re buying for many people it can be easy to make miss-steps. But everyone deserves a thoughtful gift at Christmas. So to get it right I’ve made a list that has some different and applicable, stylish and universal gift ideas. I’ve steered clear of too much tech, gadgets and games but have focused on wide-ranging, classic items that can suit all budgets.

If you’re struggling for ideas for the special men in your life this Christmas read on for some gift inspo: The Classic Gift Guide for Him: 20+ Ideas                   



If he’s into self-care there’s a wide range of men’s skincare. From face moisturisers and scrubs to anti-ageing creams and fatigue fighters. Around Christmas there are lots of skincare sets that include multiple items and free extras such as wash-bags, samples and gift wrapping.  

Electric shaver

Electric shavers are practical, portable and durable. There are many available that come with a range of attachments like precision beard and nasal trimmers. Similarly, head-shavers and body hair groomers make great gifts if he likes to keep on top of his appearance.



Weekend bags, rucksacks, laptop carriers, gym bags and even suitcases all make excellent gifts. Leather weekend bags have a timeless feel and modern travel rucksacks come with space-saving innovations and compartments.


Memorabilia and merchandise are imaginative gifts. Music, movies, games, comics and sports are the most popular memorabilia. Vinyl records, instruments, photos, posters, medals, trophies and figurines are a few ideas. Genuine memorabilia can be found on Ebay or with independent retailers.


Artisanal craft booze

If he likes a specific tipple, mixing things up with an artisanal craft version could be the way to go. Artisanal drinks are more exclusive, high quality and carefully crafted with diverse flavours. There are loads of artisanal breweries and distilleries that offer craft ales, beers and gins.



If he likes to smell fresh, designer aftershaves, colognes and Eau-de-toilettes are classic, luxury gifts. Around Christmas there’ll be a raft of gift-sets with added extras like body-sprays, shower gels and wash-bags. Some high street stores make their own fragrances for more affordable alternatives.



Sunglasses are not only for summer – they can make a nice gift year round. Without sunglasses low, winter sunlight can make driving difficult and shades are also useful in sports like golf, cycling and skiing. From designer high-end to the high street, there are many styles and shapes to explore.


Home brew kit

Home brewing has boomed. Many people are creating their favourite drinks at home as an enjoyable and rewarding hobby. Home brew kits are fun and can provide a long-term project if he’s looking for a new passion. Beers, ciders and wines are considered the most easy to make at home.


Car racing, paint balling, balloon rides, extreme sports and spa-days. Whatever he likes to do, or wants to try, there are gift experiences available. Some stores offer experiences, or its just as easy to arrange them directly online. The gift of an experience is creative, fun and makes lasting memories.


Clothing accessories

Clothing accessories can be a simple but effective gift – without crossing into the risky business of choosing clothes for someone. Belts, ties, gloves, hats, braces and cravats are just a few, classic accessory suggestions for him. They can be useful and practical but also fun and playful.  

Travel accessories

If he works on the road, is the outdoors type or likes to explore, then travel accessories could make a practical gift. Items like passport holders, insulated mugs, torches, travel pouches or camping gear like portable grills all fall under this category.  



If he’s a coffee-lover there are some great gift ideas to explore. Coffee grinders, French-presses or moka-pots with real coffee are impressive or for something more pricey there’s espresso makers and coffee machines.



Jewellery is timeless, special and can bring some bling. Bracelets, chains, rings, dog-tags, watches and cufflinks are the most popular men’s jewellery. In addition, engraving and things like birthstones make jewellery gifts more touching


Phone accessories

There’s an advanced range of phone accessories available. Phone cases, Bluetooth earphones and speakers make great stocking-fillers. Or if he’s into his photography then accessories such as lenses, selfie-sticks and ring lights are functional items.



A true classic, a wallet is always needed. Traditional leather wallets make attractive gifts or there’s more modern, space-saving and innovative options. If he carries a lot of plastic a leather card-holder is a smooth alternative.


Electric toothbrush

Electric toothbrushes make brushing easier, are more effective at removing plaque and create less waste. They make a good gift as they’re more expensive than disposable toothbrushes and can last for a long time. They come in different colours including sleek matte black.



Hampers or gift boxes are a cool way to put together a selection of his favourite things. For a personal gift an empty hamper can be filled with foods and drinks. Chocolates, candy, cheeses, comfits, preserves and miniature alcohols all lend well to a homemade hamper.



The festive season sees the release of hundreds of different books. Fiction books, factual, self-growth and business are some of the most popular topics for gents. If he has a favourite actor, comedian or sports star an autobiography is a good option.



If he likes events then tickets to a festival, music concert, show or sports game are golden. Most tickets are delivered electronically so it’s best to print them out and put in a card or gift box so they can be unwrapped.



If he likes the outdoors, to make repairs or DIY a multi-tool can be an amusing gadget. There are different types of multi-tools for the home, car, outdoors or sports like cycling. The most classic example is the Swiss Army Knife.


Personalised items

Personalisation can make mundane items more fun and gift-worthy, and many online stores offer this service. Cups, beer pots or water coolers are everyday items that once personalised make a neat gift. Include his name, personal pictures or a tailored message to make it memorable.


House plant

A plant for the home or office is something that can live on. Small plants, like a typical cactus or rare bonsai tree, can brighten up a workspace. Or exotic citrus plants like a lemon tree can encourage relaxation at home and grow fruit for drinks or dishes.

To get it right at Christmas doesn’t have to be difficult or all about budgets. These classic items are likely to be a hit with a lot of guys and everyone in general! They can all be easily found at varying price ranges. What did you think of this gift guide? Was it helpful? Tell us about your Classic gift ideas in the comments!

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    These are cool gift ideas for guys. Love the books idea. It is so nice to have a boyfriend who’s into reading. Hehehe ^_^


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